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Life without electricity is hard to imagine. Electricity has not always been available in all households, but today, it is one of the main things in every workplace and home. If there is no power, things stop. Electricity facilitates so many things that we now deem as normal for us. Our days and lives, in particular, revolve around electricity, and adjusting when there is no power for some days or even a few hours is always challenging.

The importance of electricity makes electricians an important part of our lives as well. This is because so many things could go wrong and go wrong from time to time. So call us if you are in Cape Town and experiencing an electrical issue, no matter how big or small. W.G Dixon Electricians are electrical contractors in Newlands with the right skills and knowledge to handle a wide range of electrical issues for you. Working with qualified and skilled electricians in Newlands ensures that you get help and power restored in the shortest time possible.

Tasks handled by Us:

Our electrical contractors can handle common and risky electrical issues that you may have. They can:

  • Read wiring and technical diagrams that you may have, which includes blueprints.
  • Inspect the entire electrical system to diagnose issues and resolve them the correct way the first time
  • Install all sorts of systems that are associated with lighting and control systems
  • Troubleshoot all electrical malfunctions that may be present and offer repairs for the same using genuine parts and great expertise
  • Manage and train other workers in different aspects of this industry. While trained in class, there are still many other things that an electrician gets to learn while out in the field. Our technicians work together to sharpen one another further.
  • Adhere and learn as much as possible about the local and state regulations that are often based on the electrical code set nationally

What you should consider when picking the right electrical contractors in Newlands

  • Insurance and license: this is one thing that makes us stand out from many others. Licensing and insurance are very important, especially because the work is practical and needs to be performed correctly and safely. Our contractors are licensed and fully insured.
  • Value for money: it is always important to compare with others in the field. With us, you can be assured that you will always get value for money. We handle all projects individually and ensure that the materials and fittings we use are of the highest quality and the right ones for the job.
  • Experience and qualification: experience and qualifications are important in electrical work. Accreditation is something that electricians in Newlands should have. Choosing us means accessing the services of the best in the field.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a electrician in Newlands, you should choose us. We have been actively involved in the industry for over 30 years, and we only employ qualified staff to offer the very best services as needed. Our technicians are trained and can handle all types of electrical systems within your commercial premises, office, and home. The first thing we always do is a thorough diagnosis before we offer solutions for the issue. We are also fully capable of handling large jobs that involve industrial applications.

The main thing about us is getting things done as fast as possible and ensuring that the issue is resolved entirely. Offering long-lasting solutions is our key target. Whether you need expert advice or solutions for your issues, we are the electrical company in Newlands to help you out.

Electricity is not something to play around with. As such, if you are not trained or have no experience in the field, it is important to avoid issues and not to treat any electrical issue like a DIY project. Getting qualified electrical contractors should be your number one priority. Faulty electrical systems and applications can lead to death and serious injury. With so many years in the field, we have learned a lot along the way and are best suited for the job.

We have an active fleet that is well equipped for a mobile response. Because of this, we get to where we are within a very short time and very fast. In addition, our knowledge of the area makes us capable of navigating faster, which means your issue gets resolved faster.

24-hour support

Anyone who has ever suffered blackouts, load shedding or electrical issues understands how frustrating the situation can be, especially if not handled correctly. Sometimes power fails, blackouts happen, power is lost, or a fuse box trips. This can happen at any time, day or night. If things like this happen after hours, it becomes even more important for the issue to be resolved.

Most electricians remain closed after hours and on weekends. This is one of the reasons why you should stick with us. We have a dedicated team that can respond to emergencies any time, day or night. This means you will get help at the time when you need it most.

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